Bookkeeping for Dentists & Clinics


The Challenges of Running a Dental Practice

After working with many dental practices, it is evident that correctly managing books in the clinic is a huge challenge. There is typically a lot of cash flow in and out of the practice, making it difficult to try and make sense of the numbers in order to make decisions and plan for the future.

Applying the Profit First system to your practice will help you keep one step ahead of your expenses, enabling you to get a clear snapshot of your position and plan for the future.

Why You Need a Bookkeeping Specialist for Your Dental Clinic

When a Dentist puts the Profit First, the Practice becomes more efficient.

As bookkeepers, we understand dentists, we are both always looking for efficient systems to run our practices. We serve dentists with an efficient financial/bookkeeping system that keeps track of all the moving parts a dentist practice has.

  1. Correctly account for dentists’ Facility Services Agreement Income
  2. Accurately record sales from practice software into accounting software
  3. Manage expenses (using Profit First System)
  4. Support with staff payroll
  5. Systems to provide transparency for practice managers and business partners

Sharon Jones

BAS Agent, Bookkeeper &
Certified Profit First Professional

Frequently Asked Questions

"Our business was not in a great place as far as record keeping and overall profit was concerned, Sharon implemented some changes and it has turned the business around."

Krystal Thomas

Practice Manager
Golden Bay Medical Centre