Common Bookkeeping Mistakes Businesses Make

business executive stressed due to bookkeeping mistake

Small businesses, and even medium-sized companies, tend to operate on do-it-yourself mode. They take on several roles to cut down costs and in doing so, end up with making several bookkeeping mistakes. What are the common bookkeeping mistakes that businesses make?

We’ve compiled them here so you’ll know what to avoid.

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Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

Here are some of the most common bookkeeping blunders:

  1. Not managing your cashflow. Overestimating your account or not allowing enough funding into it will complicate operations and compromise your cash flow. A simple bookkeeping system will help you know what bills need to be paid and who owes you money so you can manage your cash flow well. If you are interested to read more, check out cash flow management tips for small businesses.
  2. Not keeping track of small expenses and losing receipts. Small costs add up. If you don’t keep track of them, you’ll find yourself with a big hole in your books and not compliant with ATO record keeping.
  3. Failing to recognise significant expenses and writing them off as small ones. Business owners often write off small expenses to General or Miscellaneous expenses.  Doing this makes it difficult to actually see what is costing the business money and what expenses are unnecessary.
  4. Not making time for account reconciliation. It would be best if you reconcile your bank statements with your books as regularly as possible. This way, it’s easier to call the bank for any imbalances.
  5. Not separating your personal expenses from work expenses. This complicates the bookkeeping (making it more expensive if you hire a bookkeeper) and makes it difficult to know how much the business actually pays you. You should develop a strategy for earnings management. Doing so will let you determine how much profit you are actually making and how much you can pay yourself.
  6. Poor understanding of books and too much reliance on accounting software. Having an automatic system that does all the balancing for you is fantastic but deceptive. The computer does not know how to categorise or code your business information and if not set up and managed correctly will create a huge mess. And once things don’t add up, you wouldn’t know where to begin to fix it.
  7. Not prioritising bookkeeping. DIY business operations often underestimate how much time accounting requires and either don’t allot enough hours to consolidate their expenses or just leave everything to the last minute. This leads to more mistakes, financial disparities, headaches, and stress.

Avoid These Mistakes With Additional Business Concepts

As a business owner, dedicating time for bookkeeping is difficult. Do yourself a favour and call us today at Additional Business Concepts for professional bookkeeping solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hire the Best BAS Agent in Mandurah

BAS agent at work


Every business person must understand the importance of complying with the legal requirements of the jurisdictions they operate. One of the legal responsibilities of any business is to comply with tax laws. Failure to pay taxes or comply with any tax laws can cause serious legal consequences. 

Unfortunately, not every business person has the relevant tax knowledge to help them know what is required as far as their tax obligations are concerned. Filing taxes and understanding how the tax system works can be challenging, and any business owner needs help with this. Delegating the tax aspect of a business to a BAS agent makes sure that the business owner has time to focus on other parts of the business.

What is a BAS Agent?

BAS stands for Business Activity Statement. A BAS agent, therefore, is a licensed person or firm who can represent other persons in the tax office concerning various tax matters. They are also allowed to advise their clients on certain tax issues.

BAS Agent Mandurah

What Does a BAS Agent do?

Basically, a registered BAS Agent helps a business owner to design and set up compliance systems. These are techniques used to make sure that the business adheres to all legal requirements, especially those that relate to tax. They also conduct regular analysis to see if the compliance systems are effective. In case they notice any gaps in the system, they redesign it to make sure it is failure-proof.

Secondly, the agents are authorized to advise their clients on how the different compliance areas affect them legally. Most legal requirements for businesses come with penalties and consequences attached to them in case a business owner violates them. It is the duty of a BAS agent to educate their clients about all such consequences.

After the agents review the client’s system to ascertain that everything is working correctly, they are also tasked with the duty to represent the client in the tax office in case any issues arise. The agent represents the clients in matters relating to GST, wine tax, fuel tax, payment of FBT, payroll aspects, and all withholding tax issues. Basically, the agent represents the client on all tax-related issues at the tax office.

Why Use a BAS Agent?

Many people would argue that they can do BAS themselves, but there are many benefits of hiring an agent to represent you. First of all, they are well educated on all tax regulations, and they have experience in document preparation. This is because they are required to complete various training programs before getting licensed. That way, they are in a better position to handle BAS than a regular person.

Moreover, lodging incorrect BAS can lead to huge fines. This is why hiring an agent is a great move because they are less likely to make errors. In the case where the agent makes an error, they are usually covered by the Safe Harbour laws. They are also required to adhere to a certain code of conduct to make sure that they offer clients professional and high-quality services.

Why Choose Additional Business Concepts in Mandurah?

Businesspersons in Mandurah operate in a very competitive environment. Therefore, they have limited time to deal with tax and compliance issues, which is why hiring Additional Business Concepts is recommended. Additional Business Concepts will take care of all business compliance needs at a very affordable price. They are reliable, efficient, and quality-oriented.

What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

Mandurah Bookkeeper working

Bookkeepers are the financial workhorses of small- and medium-scale businesses, handling everything from documenting daily transactions to preparing payroll for employees.

While some Mandurah bookkeepers are BAS/Tax Agents and work as contract bookkeepers, most work in an administrative capacity as employees.

With the complexities around GST and Payroll in Australia qualified bookkeepers need to have at a minimum a Certificate IV in Financial Services – Bookkeeping.

A Bookkeeper’s Main Responsibilities

Keeping records is a bookkeeper’s chief task in most companies. However, smaller businesses give their bookkeepers a more diverse range of responsibilities that may include any – or all – of the following:

  • The daily management of company accounts, including daily sales, purchases, and petty cash;
  • Updating business records regularly and checking each for accuracy;
  • Handling transactions involving foreign currency, including daily checking of exchange rates, particularly in companies that have foreign clients or do business overseas;
  • Preparing the company’s general ledger and books for an external audit;
  • Handling the company’s cash flow and – in a small business – stock inventory;
  • Sending out payment invoices to clients and managing receivable accounts;
  • In more tech-savvy companies, bookkeepers also handle online transactions with the company’s bank or choice or handle incoming and outgoing transactions through retail monitoring software; and
  • Ensuring the accuracy of documents related to the filing and payment of corporate taxes.

Also, in companies with less than 20 employees, the bookkeeper may take on a human resource professional’s responsibilities. Some of these tasks include preparing fortnightly or monthly payroll or handling relevant documents and transactions for employee benefits. 

What Are the Advantages of Having a Bookkeeper?

A good bookkeeper is a valuable company resource. They help a company make better decisions regarding daily financial transactions. Over time, a bookkeeper can understand key business metrics such as operational costs, revenue, and profitability, as well as its seasonal flow, to ensure that operations flow smoothly.

Many small businesses may not afford to employ a part-time bookkeeper, a contract bookkeeper can provide bookkeeping services and additional support as a BAS Agent that will ensure the business has met their GST and Payroll reporting obligations with the ATO.  A good contract bookkeeper will also liaise with the business owner’s accountant providing a strong financial team to provide the support they need to grow a successful business.

Get a free consultation on professional bookkeeping services now at Additional Business Concepts.

Cash Flow Management Tips for Small Businesses in 2020

cash flow management tips

The COVID-19 pandemic has made doing business today more challenging.  As a business owner, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and come up with an efficient strategy to succeed in the “new normal.”

One important tip to make a business successful is correct financial management, guided by a concrete plan. Financial management in business all boils down to cash flow management.

Cash Flow Management Tips for Small Businesses

Below are some cash flow management tips to help your small business:

1. Change the way you bank

Do you look at your bank account to see if your business has made money? But, if you only have one or two bank accounts, it is all in one big bucket so how do you know if there is enough money in that account to pay: yourself, employees, suppliers and taxes?

We work with a system that works from your bank accounts but provides you with the peace of mind that you will have enough money for everyone to come payday.

2. Focus on Profit First

Sales – Profit = Expenses.  By focusing on Profit you will change the way you manage your business. Using the Profit First system we will assist you to step by step transform your business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Profitable business that not only pays your suppliers on time but will pay you too.

3. Destroy Debt

Instead of increasing debt, good cash flow management will prioritise paying the debt off slowly over time while reserving funds for business growth.

4. Eyes on your books

Up to date bookkeeping is vital for managing cash flow.  Knowing your numbers and ensuring the money is in the bank to pay everyone including the ATO ensures peace of mind helps prepare you for any pandemic or downturn in the economy.

City of Mandurah – Business Help During COVID-19

business support by Mandurah Government

Now, more than ever, businesses can benefit from a strong support network to pull through the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Mandurah is here to help!

What Mandurah Businesses Can Expect During this Crisis

By following current federal and state economic policies that address the ongoing pandemic, the city government is committed to ensuring that enterprises of all sizes, can take advantage of the following benefits:

0% rate increase on outstanding rates (for the period of 1 April – 30 June 2020)

The city council will adopt a rate freeze for any ratepayer who has difficulties with not being able to pay by the due date. All ratepayers are advised to settle a payment arrangement with the city’s rate department.

Stimulus Projects

The city government will identify stimulus projects from its 10-year Financial Plan to assist the local economy.

Rent Relief or Rent Reduction

The Council will grant licensees/lessees of City-owned properties/assets temporary rent relief if their business closes during Covid-19.

A rent reduction will be applied if a business did not close but has a turnover decline. The reduction rate will be calculated from the turnover percentage that affects outgoings and rent.

We Are All in This Together

To develop a comprehensive and urgent COVID-19 response in our region, the city of Mandurah is working with:

  • Regional Development Australia
  • Peel Employment Facilitator
  • Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Peel Development Commission

The Ministry of Regional Development and state agencies receive regular updates on Mandurah’s economic status and issues.

Keep in Touch with Additional Business Concepts

Local businesses are highly encouraged to get involved in the city response plan. All local Mandurah businesses are invited to join our city support network. We are all in this together.

Call Additional Business Concepts your free 30-minute consultation to help keep your finances in good standing during this difficult time.

What is Double-Entry Bookkeeping?

If bookkeeping is a tedious task, double-entry bookkeeping involves more work. Before we go into the details of this accounting concept, let’s first discuss the basics.

What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping refers to the task of recording all of a company’s financial transactions. It’s very systematic and entails the organisation of a company’s financial obligations. It involves the accurate recording of day to day expenses. Every purchase or sale is carefully recorded. 

Bookkeeping is an essential part of a business’ growth. It provides all the financial information that pertains to a business. An impeccable record of all financial transactions can help a company improve its cash flow. Moreover, one will be able to immediately see any money leak and alleviate the situation before it worsens.

Why double-entry bookkeeping is better

Double-entry bookkeeping involves managing two accounts. The principle behind it is that for every debit, there is a corresponding credit. It carefully records both aspects of the company’s financial transactions. 

Did you know that this is one of the toughest areas in accounting? The positive side is that it can result in better financial reporting. Moreover, any fraudulent activities that involve the company’s cash flow are significantly reduced with this system.

Why do you need to know double-entry bookkeeping when the transactions are processed using accounting software? If you do not understand how double-entry bookkeeping works, the transactions will be posted to the wrong accounts, this may create so many incorrect transactions that the file is useless and the information is incorrect. 

bookkeeper at work explaining double entry bookkeeping

What makes it more effective than single-entry bookkeeping?

Double-entry bookkeeping makes use of the principle of “matching”. Both the company’s revenue and expenses are carefully recorded and accounted for. Owners can clearly see how much profit was gained or if there are any losses. 

From there, it will be clearer what services/products are making money and where the money is going. Since there is entry adjustment in the process, double-entry bookkeeping can provide more accurate data by the end of the fiscal year and provide the accountant with an accurate set of accounts to use for the end of financial year reports and tax return.


Companies using accounting software need bookkeepers who understand double-entry bookkeeping. The checks and balances can greatly reduce errors. Moreover, the debt must match the credit using this technique – leaving almost no room for mistakes.
To know more in detail and understand how we help businesses with their bookkeeping in Mandurah, get in touch with Additional Business Concepts today. Call (08) 9565-9906

Benefits of Hiring a Bookkeeper

Are you a small business owner? If you are, then you’ve probably wondered whether it is the right time to hire a bookkeeper. You may be doing your bookkeeping in Mandurah and staying profitable at the same time, so why bother hiring out?

However, if your business is poised for growth, you should give hiring a bookkeeper some serious thought. Having your own bookkeeper will help to keep your business records organised. It can also free up your calendar so you can focus on profits.

benefits of hiring a bookkeeper

Pros of Having Your Own Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is essential for your business. Here are the main benefits you get by hiring your own bookkeeper:

1. More time for business growth. You will find that it opens up time for you to do other more critical tasks. No more stressing out about the thought of doing your own bookkeeping. No more wondering whether your financial records are correct and up to date. Your books will be tidy and accurate, ready to be examined by your accountant.

2. Hassle-free financials. Having a bookkeeper becomes important when business taxes are due for assessment and payment. A competent bookkeeper can guarantee that your monthly balance sheet and income sheet are in order. You might even need a cash flow statement prepared in advance by your bookkeeper. They can inform you if you have tax-deductible expenses, as well.

3. Savings. Take note that a bookkeeper who does their job well assists your accountant. Your accountant won’t need to organise your financial statements for you. This way, you won’t have to pay the accountant additional fees for it.

Talk to Additional Business Concepts Today

If you are the owner of a small- to medium-sized business, you may need a reputable bookkeeper. We at Additional Business Concepts aim to assist you in your business financials so you can focus on your profitability. Contact us now.

What is a BAS Agent?

BAS agent

A BAS Agent is a licensed agent that can give BAS services for a fee. They are usually bookkeepers and are and fully certified with the Tax Practitioners Board.

BAS agents do so much more than bookkeeping, however. They are concerned with advising businesses concerning taxation under the BAS provisions.

These usually cover:

  • Payroll tax concerns, such as the correct remittance and reporting of withholding tax.
  • FBT payments
  • GST payments
  • Taxes on certain goods such as luxury items, like fuel, wine, and cars
  • Superannuation Guarantee system
  • Taxable Payments Annual Reporting system
  • Income tax payments and withholding amounts via PAYG installments

What Does A BAS Agent Do?

It is an advisory role to businesses facilitating full compliance with operating rules and the Tax Agent Services Act.

In most cases, these agents also represent companies in front of the BAS service commissioner.

Typical roles of a BAS agent include:

  • Designing systems to comply with necessary BAS provisions
  • Ensuring businesses are compliant with BAS rules on every decision
  • Reviewing business processes to ensure they are on the right track with regards to BAS law.
  • Administering bookkeeping tasks, as necessary

How is a BAS Agent Different to a Bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper’s role will often slightly overlap with that of a BAS agent. A bookkeeper’s role stops with the day-to-day processing of transactions or systems operation, however.

BAS agents are bookkeepers with significantly more responsibility and specialization. The primary purpose is in giving advice with regards to BAS tax laws.

Bookkeepers can’t legally do the same. They also can’t design systems or represent businesses in front of the BAS.

Qualified agents design the system for BAS compliance. Bookkeepers implement it.

How Your Business Benefits from BAS Services

The BAS rules may not always be clear cut, and there might be some confusion in applying them to your business. The help of a BAS agent is invaluable, ensuring your company is compliant with these regulations throughout its operation.
For more information about BAS and Bookkeeping services in Mandurah, contact Additional Business Concepts now!  Call (08) 9565 9906

Perth Startup Support

You have a business idea, you have some customers and now you are starting to make money. The statistics are showing, however, that the main reason 1 in 4 businesses close in the first year and only half were still operating three years later is due to financial mismanagement or inadequate or inaccurate records.

Managing your business’ finances is just as important as having customers. We are here to help you establish some basic bookkeeping systems, using the software that is suitable for you. 

We will also train you how to use it, ensuring you have a good financial management system in place to ensure your business not only succeeds but thrives.

You’re then equipped with all the knowledge and tools to run a successful business.

Alternatively, do you want to make sure the obligation of Bookkeeping doesn’t distract you from growing your business? We can work with you to ensure your deadlines are met, books are impeccable and business is efficient.

The end result is that you have more time to focus on your business’ growth, and can be confident that the numbers are being taken care of. 

Our best tips for those starting up is to list your priorities, divide your time wisely and use as many helpful resources as you can.

How Additional Business Concepts Helped A Perth Startup

We provided a courier business with the systems to ensure they were managing their finances. It has been a step at a time, setting up an accounting system and training them to enter all the sales invoices, purchase invoices and payroll and recording GST. This has kept their bookkeeping costs down, but better yet provided them with the information they need to be able to understand how their business is really going. It has ensured that they are keeping up with their reporting obligations (submitting Quarterly BAS) and provided them with up to date information to discuss tax planning and investments with their accountant.

Call us now for a free 30 min consultation to discuss your unique business and what you should do further

Money Management – Where is My Money Going?

The bookkeeping is being taken care of, the BAS’ are being lodged on time, your employees are being paid well, but where is the money? The Profit and Loss report is showing you should have more in the bank.

Many business owners are scraping by, but far from profitable. We have implemented a system to be able to capture that data and show you where the money is going.  

We find out what products/services are making money, where the money leaks are happening, why the cash flow is nonexistent and help you implement a plan to fix the money leaks and the cash flow problems.

As we strive to find solutions and efficiency for your business we use our expense analysis, forecast and budgeting, and cash flow management to monitor and analyse your business expenses and profits.

We are passionate in working alongside you, we believe in your dreams and will use our skills and services to get you on top of your business.

Money Management Case Study for a Perth Business

One of our early clients used this service to know when to take holidays and have a baby! She was able to establish where the business’ main income was coming from and what times of the year were the quietest. In doing this she was able to plan a family and continue to work in the area that was making the most money.

Call us now for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how we can help you.