City of Mandurah – Business Help During COVID-19


Now, more than ever, businesses can benefit from a strong support network to pull through the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Mandurah is here to help!

What Mandurah Businesses Can Expect During this Crisis

By following current federal and state economic policies that address the ongoing pandemic, the city government is committed to ensuring that enterprises of all sizes, can take advantage of the following benefits:

0% rate increase on outstanding rates (for the period of 1 April – 30 June 2020)

The city council will adopt a rate freeze for any ratepayer who has difficulties with not being able to pay by the due date. All ratepayers are advised to settle a payment arrangement with the city’s rate department.

Stimulus Projects

The city government will identify stimulus projects from its 10-year Financial Plan to assist the local economy.

Rent Relief or Rent Reduction

The Council will grant licensees/lessees of City-owned properties/assets temporary rent relief if their business closes during Covid-19.

A rent reduction will be applied if a business did not close but has a turnover decline. The reduction rate will be calculated from the turnover percentage that affects outgoings and rent.

We Are All in This Together

To develop a comprehensive and urgent COVID-19 response in our region, the city of Mandurah is working with:

  • Regional Development Australia
  • Peel Employment Facilitator
  • Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Peel Development Commission

The Ministry of Regional Development and state agencies receive regular updates on Mandurah’s economic status and issues.

Keep in Touch with Additional Business Concepts

Local businesses are highly encouraged to get involved in the city response plan. All local Mandurah businesses are invited to join our city support network. We are all in this together.

Call Additional Business Concepts your free 30-minute consultation to help keep your finances in good standing during this difficult time.