What is Cloud-Based Bookkeeping?

Traditional bookkeeping services are fast becoming outdated. The proliferation of the SaaS models has made cloud-based bookkeeping a far more attractive option. Bookkeeping software today is capable of automating many tedious tasks.   

This automation allows businesses to focus more time on making more money and less time keeping track of it.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at cloud-based bookkeeping and how it works. We’ll also delve into why more businesses are opting for this latest evolution in accounting software

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How it Works

The concept is pretty simple. Instead of buying your financial software outright, you subscribe to the service. You’ll choose a package based on the number of features that you’ll need. You’ll usually pay per user, so it works out very economically for smaller businesses.

Each user is given a username and password to access the system. All they need is to have an active Internet connection to log in. Many companies provide offline access to the system, but updates only occur when the user goes online. You have easy access from anywhere in the world.

Why More Businesses Are Using Cloud Bookkeeping

Cloud services are a lot more flexible. Smaller businesses can manage their finances more effectively by paying only for the features that they’ll use. Upscaling or downscaling is quick and easy.

Cloud services provide data storage facilities and heightened security. Businesses can run leaner infrastructures as a result. As the data stores in the cloud, there’s always a remote backup, and companies can provide access for remote workers.

The software automates some of the tedious tasks, like entering information from bank statements. This automation frees employees up to do something more productive and eliminates transcription errors.

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