Is your business beautiful

Businesspeople having meeting in the bar

Logging into Quickbooks Online today and they tell me to: Step into your new business self.

A little like Xero telling me to do beautiful business.

It makes having a business sound so romantic, like a new life that is just going to magically happen.

I wish.

As a business owner managing a bookkeeping practice for over 12yrs and being in the trenches with many different business owners the reality is that we take ourselves into our business.

What does that mean?

For instance, I have always struggled with time management, it has only been in the last year that I realised that it was because I was setting too many tasks for the day so I constantly felt overwhelmed by the never ending checklists and not prioritising the work well and the result was guilt and of course then it would overflow into my personal life and I had to steal time from there to “catch up” but it is a hamster wheel where you never catch up, you just keep peddling.

A business coach used to tell us: how you do anything is how you do everything. (Wez Hone)
So regretfully, you do not step into your new business self and leave your old self behind, you take your old self, your bad habits/mindsets with you and you simply jump onto another hamster wheel with the hopes that you might achieve the dream lifestyle supported by a beautiful business.

Before you can step into your new business self and create a beautiful business, take a step back and look at your life, how is your time management? Are you able to take time to think and plan, do you spend quality time with those you love or are you always chasing the clock and never quite finishing the tasks?

What is your behaviour with money? Do you have plenty with money saved for the hard times or are you living week to week? Is there never enough to go around?

Changing my behaviour with time and money has put me on the journey of changing many self-sabotaging habits in my life and enjoying a beautiful business.

I invite you to take a moment today (maybe even longer) and think about your business, is it a beautiful business that is rewarding you or is it a daily struggle of never enough time or money to enjoy it?

There is another way, it starts with a decision to change behaviour, it is not magical but it is life changing.