Money Management – Where is My Money Going?


The bookkeeping is being taken care of, the BAS’ are being lodged on time, your employees are being paid well, but where is the money? The Profit and Loss report is showing you should have more in the bank.

Many business owners are scraping by, but far from profitable. We have implemented a system to be able to capture that data and show you where the money is going.  

We find out what products/services are making money, where the money leaks are happening, why the cash flow is nonexistent and help you implement a plan to fix the money leaks and the cash flow problems.

As we strive to find solutions and efficiency for your business we use our expense analysis, forecast and budgeting, and cash flow management to monitor and analyse your business expenses and profits.

We are passionate in working alongside you, we believe in your dreams and will use our skills and services to get you on top of your business.

Money Management Case Study for a Perth Business

One of our early clients used this service to know when to take holidays and have a baby! She was able to establish where the business’ main income was coming from and what times of the year were the quietest. In doing this she was able to plan a family and continue to work in the area that was making the most money.

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