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business executive stressed due to bookkeeping mistake

Common Bookkeeping Mistakes Businesses Make

Small businesses, and even medium-sized companies, tend to operate on do-it-yourself mode. They take on several roles to cut down costs and in doing so, end up with making several bookkeeping mistakes. What are the common bookkeeping mistakes that businesses make? We’ve compiled them here so you’ll know what to avoid. Related: Small Business Bookkeeping ... Read more
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BAS agent at work

Hire the Best BAS Agent in Mandurah

Introduction Every business person must understand the importance of complying with the legal requirements of the jurisdictions they operate. One of the legal responsibilities of any business is to comply with tax laws. Failure to pay taxes or comply with any tax laws can cause serious legal consequences.  Unfortunately, not every business person has the ... Read more
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Mandurah Bookkeeper working

What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

Bookkeepers are the financial workhorses of small- and medium-scale businesses, handling everything from documenting daily transactions to preparing payroll for employees. While some Mandurah bookkeepers are BAS/Tax Agents and work as contract bookkeepers, most work in an administrative capacity as employees. With the complexities around GST and Payroll in Australia qualified bookkeepers need to have ... Read more
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business support by Mandurah Government

City of Mandurah – Business Help During COVID-19

Now, more than ever, businesses can benefit from a strong support network to pull through the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Mandurah is here to help! What Mandurah Businesses Can Expect During this Crisis By following current federal and state economic policies that address the ongoing pandemic, the city government is committed to ensuring that ... Read more
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cash flow management tips

Cash Flow Management Tips for Small Businesses in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has made doing business today more challenging.  As a business owner, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and come up with an efficient strategy to succeed in the “new normal.” One important tip to make a business successful is correct financial management, guided by a concrete plan. Financial management ... Read more
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What is Double-Entry Bookkeeping?

If bookkeeping is a tedious task, double-entry bookkeeping involves more work. Before we go into the details of this accounting concept, let’s first discuss the basics. What is bookkeeping? Bookkeeping refers to the task of recording all of a company’s financial transactions. It’s very systematic and entails the organisation of a company’s financial obligations. It ... Read more
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