Profit First Professional Australia


Business Strategists in financial systems and cashflow

We equip business owners to grow a successful business that rewards them financially.

We understand the vision most business owners have is to provide a valuable service to the customers, but struggle with the pressures of managing and maintaining a profitable business.  They are constantly chasing the clock, juggling finances, and trying to keep up with all the increasing obligations a business owner is required to meet.

With proven cashflow strategies, financial systems and business understanding we are focused on delivering services to help you create a business that is profitable and frees up your time to not only work on the business but to also have a healthy work/life balance.

Some quotes:

By putting the Profit First, the cash will flow.

By putting the Profit First, you will be able to focus on your growing a business that you love. 

By putting the Profit First, you will maximise your income.

Sharon Jones

BAS Agent, Bookkeeper &
Certified Profit First Professional

Frequently Asked Questions

A Profit First Professional is a financial consultant trained and certified in the Profit First methodology, a strategy which helps business owners set up more profitable business models with sustainable cash flow.

"Our business was not in a great place as far as record keeping and overall profit was concerned, Sharon implemented some changes and it has turned the business around."

Krystal Thomas

Practice Manager
Golden Bay Medical Centre